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In the cellar, we have ten inox fermentation tanks of the type ‘siempre piene’. This means that, regardless of the amount of wine inside, the tank can be perfectly sealed off from the outside air.

At harvest, the grapes are selected per plot, and the alcohol fermentation occurs in these tanks linked to a temperature control. As such we get a good view of the quality of wine of each plot.

At a later stage, we decide which wines continue to mature in oak barrels and which in inox barrels. Our basic cuvee Donna Loga, as well as Lucciconi (Chianti Classico) mature in inox barrels, whereas Le Muricce (Riserva as from 2011), the Merlot- and Cabernet Sauvignon grape mature on oak barrels.

Depending on the grape, this is done on French oak barrels of 225 or 350 litres. Sangiovese wines mature on 350 litre barrels because the subtlety of the grape requires less wood than Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, that mature in 225 litre barrels

In a next stage, before bottling, the several cuves are blended and the composition of each wine is determined. Bottled wines mature another 6 months at least, before they are ready to be leave the winery and be marketed.



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