Societé Agricola Le Muricce srl • Via Petriolo 66 • 50022 • Greve In Chianti

The winecellar master and his assistant.


In 2009, Jurij Fiore did not only focus on the oenological aspects, he also personally looked after the production of the wines. As from 2010 and step by tep, I took over. However, I needed to be mentored and coached by those who were involved on a daily basis with the vinification process at le Muricce.


Fabio Sarti manages the cellar control for 10 wineries.  At Le Muricce , he works under the supervision of Jurij and myself to help lift our wines to the level of our dreams. Together with his collaborator Artan, who dedicates all of his time to our estate, they strive to the most perfect and natural product possible. Artan also cares for the vineyards.



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